Gamma Flooder

Gamma Flooder 1.1

Repeat strings thousands of times

Repeat strings thousands of times

Repeat endlessly text strings in any writing program and in any online and offline chat , and also on the famous game minecraft, thanks to the special mode that you can select. Among many options you can also change the interval between a repetition and another.

Clipboard mode:

Pros: with the clipboard mode you can repeat strings of text faster than with the sendkeys mode.

Cons: this mode keeps the clipboard occupied and then it doesn't allow the copy/paste option.

Send keys mode:

Pros: with sendkeys mode the software sends each command individually without using the clipboard.

Cons: this mode is a few milliseconds slower than the clipboard mode.

Repeat mode: gamma flooder offers 3 repeat different modes: 'all on the same line' mode, fb chat mode (text + enter) and Minecraft game mode (t + text + enter).

Delay and interval: you can choose the time in seconds after which the flood will begin. In addition, the user can choose the interval in milliseconds between each repetition.

Gamma flooder is optimized for Windows 8 and is compatibile with the most part of the text editors and online chat. This software is completely free with No paid features.

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Gamma Flooder


Gamma Flooder 1.1

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